Tximist Fundazioa and Zuhegan join forces to promote women in sport

The Tximist Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of equality through sport, and the personal training and injury recovery center Zuhegan, have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the development and visibility of women in sport.

The agreement, which will be officially presented on March 8, International Women’s Day, aims to combine the efforts of both entities in the promotion of women’s sports and the health of women athletes.

Women’s leadership in sports

The leaders of both projects, Aintzane Encinas and Ainara Manterola, are sportswomen and managers with extensive experience in the world of sports and female leadership. Both agree on the importance of collaboration between entities to continue promoting a necessary development for all.

Aintzane emphasizes that “this agreement is a great opportunity to join forces and resources to continue working for equality and visibility in sport. Zuhegan is a reference center in personal training and injury recovery, it is also directed by a great professional with whom I had the good fortune to coincide in the Real Sociedad, and I am sure that her experience and knowledge will be of great value for our athletes”.

For her part, Ainara points out that “it is an honor for Zuhegan to collaborate with the Tximist Foundation in this important international event that brings together the best clubs in the world. We share the same vision about the importance of women’s sport and we are committed to its development. This partnership allows us to encourage the participation of girls and women of all ages in physical-sports activities and to offer an even more complete service to women athletes.”

United for women’s sports

The agreement between the Tximist Foundation and the Zuhegan center is specified in the following actions:

  • Collaboration in the organization of the TXIMIST CUP event: both entities will collaborate in the promotion and visibility of the Tximist Cup event.
  • Training and recovery programs: Zuhegan will offer personal training and injury recovery programs specifically for the clubs participating in the event and their athletes.
  • Tximist Congress: Both leaders will be part of the Tximist Congress where top female leaders, coaches and managers from the world’s most important clubs will participate.
  • Training and advice: The Tximist Foundation and Zuhegan will collaborate in the organization of workshops and training courses for women athletes, coaches and leaders.

A step forward in the development of women’s sports.

The collaboration between the Tximist Foundation and the Zuhegan center is a step forward in the development of women’s sports in the Basque Country. Both entities add their experience and knowledge to offer an even more complete service to women athletes and contribute to equality in sport.

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