Resounding success of the She Leads Congress at the Reale Arena Stadium

The Reale Arena Stadium witnessed a historic event with the celebration of the She Leads Congress, a meeting that brought together 12 prominent women leaders in the world of football and more than a hundred recognized women in various disciplines. This unprecedented event not only celebrated the role of women in sport, but also promoted gender equality and female participation in all areas of sport.

The congress began with an inspiring opening by Eider Mendoza, Deputy General of Gipuzkoa, followed by speeches from influential figures such as Beatriz Álvarez, president of Liga F; Garbiñe Etxeberria, sports director of Real Sociedad; and Marina Radulovic, Director of Development at FIFA and coach of Grasshopper Zurich. Each shared their personal and professional experiences, offering a motivational perspective on the challenges and achievements in their careers.

One of the most emotional moments of the event was the speech by Aintzane Encinas, president of Tximist Fundazioa. Encinas stressed the importance of being role models for future generations and told the story of Radha Kumari, an Indian girl who trained as a coach in Zubieta and managed to escape a fate of early marriages. Today, Radha is an international trainer and founder of an association that provides opportunities for girls around the world. Their emotional photo together, replicating one taken in 2017, touched everyone present.

The day included panel discussions led by Elixabete Sarasola, former professional footballer and interactive workshops where attendees were able to exchange ideas and network, strengthening the community of women in sport, among others with Ainara Manterola, CEO of Zuhegan; Maike Fricke, Organisational Director of VFL Wolfsburg; Victoria Bedini, International Argentina’s football player representing WomanGoal and Dafne Triviño, Sports Director of Deportivo Alavés. The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the growing interest and support for gender equality in football and other sporting fields. Attendees included Leire Olaberria, professional cyclist; Nekane Arzallus, former president of GBC; Patricia Rodríguez, former general manager of Eibar, Granada and Elche; Natalia Arroyo, former coach of Real Sociedad; and former international footballers Elixabete Capa and Arantza del Puerto.

The She Leads conference stood out not only for the quality of its presentations and activities, but also for its powerful message of empowerment and unity. The diversity of the attendees, which included female coaches, managers, sports journalists and fans, demonstrated the wide repercussion of the event and its impact on the promotion of a more inclusive culture in sport.

Iñaki Gabarain, Councillor for Sports, gathered the conclusions of the event and underlined the great capacity of women to achieve their goals, emphasising that we all add up on the road to equality.

The closing of the congress was marked by an emotional speech by the president of the event, who thanked all the participants and attendees for their commitment and dedication in the fight for gender equality. “Today we have shown that together we are stronger and that the future of football, and sport in general, will be brighter and fairer thanks to the contribution of all of us,” she concluded.

The success of the She Leads Congress at the Reale Arena underlines the importance of these spaces for meeting and debate, marking a milestone on the road to equality and the recognition of the crucial role of women in sport.

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