This is not just a tournament, it is a playing field for equality, where football becomes a vehicle to promote human rights and cultural diversity.

1. Tournament Regulations

The TXIMIST CUP International Women’s Tournament invites top-level professional clubs to participate for their work towards the growth and development of women’s football worldwide. The tournament will be played in accordance with the rules of FIFA and the FEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE FÚTBOL (F.E.F.). These rules refer to matches played in 11-a-side football.

2. Competition system

The participating teams shall be divided into groups of 4 or 5 teams, which shall play a single round-robin league.
Sum of points in matches
Match won: 3 points Match drawn: 1 point Match lost: 0 points
Duration of matches
2 halves of 25 minutes
Duration of breaks
5 minutes on the pitch, not in the changing rooms.

3. Qualification criteria

1st Phase (League)
In the event of a tie on points in the final classification between two or more teams, the classification criteria to be followed to resolve the tie will be as follows: 1º- Individual Golaverage: Result of the matches played between the tied teams. 2º- General Golaverage: Difference of goals for and against, taking into account all the league matches (*). 3rd- Most goals scored, taking into account all league matches. (*) In the event of a triple tie, the goals scored and conceded by the teams not involved will not be taken into account.
Final Phase
The matches of the Final Phase that end in a draw will be decided directly by 3 penalty kicks according to FIFA rules (the players who were playing at the end of the match will participate). There will be no extra time.

4. Number of players and substitutions

11-a-side football
11 versus 11. Substitutions shall be permitted on a rotational basis, i.e. a substituted player may re-enter the field of play. Substitutions shall be made on a maximum of three occasions per team, in addition to half-time, and may be used to their advantage when the opposing team requests permission to make changes. Under no circumstances may a team have an additional substitution time, for example, if one of its players is injured after its three substitution times have been used up. All substitutions must be made from the centre of the pitch, with the referee’s permission and when play is stopped.

5. Equipment

All jerseys shall be provided with numbers and these numbers must match the record given to the organisers. The numbers must be placed on the back. In case of matching uniforms, the visiting team (2nd in the match report), must change their jerseys. The colour of the teams’ kits can be consulted on the website. If there is still a colour clash, the organisers will provide bibs of a different colour, which the visiting team must wear.

6. Playing fields

There are artificial turf and natural grass pitches. On artificial turf pitches it is forbidden to play with aluminium studs, the boots must have rubber studs.

7. Punctuality

Schedules will be strictly adhered to. Teams must be ready 15 minutes before the start of the match. If not, and the organization deems that there is no justifiable reason for such non-appearance, the match may be considered lost by the offending team with a score of 3 – 0. The decision will always rest with the Competition Committee. Five minutes before the start of each match, both teams will be prepared in the tunnel leading to the field to march alongside the match referee. Upon the signal, they will exit in two lines behind her, and before the field draw, they will form two lines facing the stands and exchange a sportsmanship greeting.

8. Penalties

Any player expelled with a direct red card will be suspended for one or more matches or expelled for the remainder of the competition (depending on the severity of the suspension). Any player accumulating 3 warnings (yellow cards) during the tournament will be suspended for the next match. Cards will accumulate throughout the entire tournament and will not be cleared for the next round.
Football 11
If a team has 6 players or fewer, the match will be abandoned, and the result will be determined by the tournament’s competition committee.

9. Referees

All matches in the tournament will be officiated by certified referees. The referee, their assistants, and the organizing committee will be the highest authority on the field. They will have the authority to stop or suspend a match in the event of unsportsmanlike behavior from one or both teams, or inappropriate behavior from the audience that may interfere with the smooth progress of the match and the tournament. Both the final result of the match and the disciplinary resolution of incidents will be the responsibility of the Competition Committee. Five minutes before the start of each match, both teams will be prepared in the tunnel leading to the field to march alongside the match referee. Upon the signal, they will exit in two lines behind her, and before the field draw, they will form two lines facing the stands and exchange a sportsmanship greeting.

10. Competition Committee

The Competition Committee is an entity independent of the Tournament Sports Management. This Committee will analyze all incidents of each matchday, making corresponding disciplinary decisions. All sanctions will be published on the Tournament’s website. The most serious or urgent sanctions may be communicated to the responsible individuals of the affected teams by the Tournament Sports Management. All decisions of the Competition Committee are final, and all participants must respect these decisions without exception.

11. Game Schedule

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes to the match schedule, including group divisions, timings, and playing fields. Information about changes will be communicated to the team representative. All modifications will be posted online, and this will be the official method through which the organization communicates such changes.

12. Balls

All Football 11 matches will be played with size 5 balls. The organization will not provide balls for pre-match warm-ups; therefore, each team must bring their own balls for warm-up exercises.


It is essential for clubs to provide all the required information for the official registration of their players in the tournament. This information is crucial to ensure an accurate and complete record, guaranteeing the proper and formal participation of each player in the event. We request the collaboration of clubs in the timely and precise submission of the necessary data to expedite and formalize player registration, thus ensuring an efficient and transparent process for all involved in the tournament.


A specific exception has been established allowing the registration of up to two (2) players who exceed the maximum age limit by one year. This exception provides an opportunity for participation to those players whose sports development, exceptional skills, or individual situations justify such inclusion. The organization reserves the right to admit or reject the registration requests of these players to ensure the competitive integrity of the categories.
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