Faka Energía and Tximist Foundation join forces to promote sustainable sport

Leading energy consultancy firm Faka Energía and the renowned Tximist Foundation have announced a strategic partnership to promote sustainable sport and environmental awareness in the sporting community.

The agreement, unveiled today, is part of the two organisations’ shared commitment to the well-being of the planet and the promotion of responsible sporting activities. Since its foundation, Faka Energía has been committed to the efficient use of energy resources, providing comprehensive management services that seek to optimise consumption and reduce the environmental footprint, both in the domestic and business spheres.

On the other hand, Tximist Foundation has stood out for its dedication to the promotion of inclusive sport and equal opportunities in sport, with a special focus on the empowerment of women in all disciplines.

“This partnership represents an important milestone in our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We firmly believe that sport can be a powerful vehicle to promote values such as respect for the environment and gender equality,” said Joseba, CEO and founder of Faka Energía

Aintzane Encinas, president of Tximist Fundazioa, said: “We are excited to join forces with Faka Energía in this project. We believe in the importance of adopting sustainable practices in all areas of our society, including sport. Together, we hope to inspire more organisations and athletes to join this cause”.

The collaboration between Faka Energia and Tximist Foundation will include initiatives such as:

– Free energy advice for all clubs and participants.
– Incorporation of sustainable energy technologies in sports facilities.
– Awareness campaigns on the importance of energy efficiency and waste reduction in sporting events.
– Training and awareness-raising on the intersection between sport and sustainability.

With this step, both entities hope to foster a new era of environmental commitment in the sporting arena and serve as an example for other organisations seeking to join forces for the planet and future generations.

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