Aintzane Encinas

Aintzane Encinas, Participates in the World Cup Final

Aintzane Encinas, former international football player and current ambassador of LALIGA, participated this Sunday in the Women's World Cup final between Spain and England. Encinas was responsible for conducting pre and post-match interviews for the South African channel SuperSport, which broadcasted the match live.

Encinas’s participation in this final is a significant milestone for women’s football. Her voice as a figurehead in the sport is crucial to bringing visibility to female athletes and promoting equality. In her interview, Encinas highlighted the tremendous growth women’s football has experienced in recent years. “We are living a historic moment for football,” she affirmed. “There are more girls playing this sport, and more women following it. Many girls can now dream of becoming footballers and even winning the final of a World Cup.”
Encinas’s participation in the World Cup final was also prominently covered by international media. The BBC, one of the world’s most important media outlets, interviewed Encinas to get her perspective on the growth of women’s football and the future of the sport. “We have to empower ourselves and strive to be just footballers, leaving behind the need to fight against inequalities that shouldn’t exist in any aspect,” she stated.

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Encinas is one of the most recognized voices in Spanish women’s football. Her involvement in the World Cup final is another step forward on the path toward equality in sports.
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