Tximist Foundation and WomanGoal join forces to promote women’s football

Aintzane Encinas, President of the TXIMIST FOUNDATION, led an extraordinary experience in collaboration with WomanGoal in California, where they immersed themselves in the WomanGoal Global Draft in the southern part of the state. The initiative, led by Martina Olivas and the team composed of Josele González, Víctor Arce, Carlos Ortiz, traveled with Aintzane, who expressed her gratitude for the enriching experience and the pleasure of collaborating in promoting football with people with constant smiles.

During the WomanGoal Global Draft, talented players from all over California showcased impressive skills and had the unique opportunity to be visited by role models in football, led by Aintzane Encinas herself. The excitement was palpable, and the foundation’s president highlighted the shine brought by Julia Dangond to every moment of the event.
Gratitude was extended to the media for capturing the essence of the draft and to the San Diego Wave Football Club, NWSL season regular champions, for opening their doors and allowing them to witness the workings of a championship team. Aintzane Encinas expressed her thanks to Casey Stoney, Jackie Bachteler, Lorna Harkins, and all the club staff, noting that this gesture reflects unity within the football community.

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The TXIMIST FOUNDATION, in collaboration with WomanGoal, thanked for the invitation to an event that merges football values with new opportunities for the future of players. The WomanGoal Global Draft in Southern California proved to be an experience worth sharing, with the surprising participation of 8 skilled goalkeepers and a total of 50 players from various corners of the state.
The event featured the special appearance of NWSL player Scarlett Camberos, who delivered an inspiring talk to the players. Media coverage masterfully captured the essence of the draft.
Reflecting on these moments, Aintzane Encinas emphasized that the scene of women’s football in the United States is thriving with diverse talents, predicting an incredibly promising future for the sports community. The collaboration between the TXIMIST FOUNDATION and WomanGoal continues to drive growth and equality in football.
La invitación a empresas comprometidas con la igualdad de género para respaldar este evento se presenta como una oportunidad única, ya que el respaldo fiscal para los donantes del Programa “Universo Mujer III” ofrece incentivos tanto a empresas como a particulares que decidan apoyar esta destacada iniciativa. Estas deducciones fiscales significativas no solo benefician a los donantes, sino que también desempeñan un papel crucial en la transformación social a través del deporte.

Las empresas que decidan respaldar a la FUNDACIÓN TXIMIST experimentarán beneficios fiscales que facilitarán la colaboración público-privada en actividades y proyectos deportivos. Esta alianza estratégica refleja un compromiso compartido por empoderar a las mujeres, tanto en el ámbito deportivo como en el social. Así, la TXIMIST CUP se consolida como un evento que trasciende las fronteras del deporte, construyendo puentes hacia la igualdad y la inclusión. La colaboración entre el sector privado y la fundación demuestra la importancia de trabajar de la mano para alcanzar objetivos comunes en pro de la equidad de género.

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