Tximist Cup, a Pioneer Tournament in Full Female Refereeing

The Tximist Cup has been the pioneering tournament in including full female refereeing for all its matches to this day. Since 2018, women have been in charge of leading the regulations and refereeing. "We believe it is important to give visibility to women in all areas, which is why, being such an essential part of the game, visibility will lead to a greater number and consequently to a higher level."

From our beginnings, all matches in the tournament have been led by certified female referees, who have the highest authority on the field. They have the power to stop or suspend a match in case of unsportsmanlike behavior or inappropriate conduct in the audience that may interfere with the proper development of the game and the tournament.

Árbitras de Tximist Cup Edición 2022 y 2023

This initiative has always sought to contribute so that female referees have a place to continue developing their skills and training at the highest level. “We are very proud to be the first tournament in Spain to bet on full female refereeing,” says the organization. “We believe that, in its time, we took steps for the growth of this category, and we will continue to take them for equality in football for all its main protagonists”.
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