Tximist Cup: a football tournament with many fans

The Tximist Cup has garnered significant attention in recent years. The tournament, held annually in Gipuzkoa, attracts thousands of spectators from across Spain and around the world. In the latest edition of the Tximist Cup, held in 2023, the tournament saw the participation and following of several thousand spectators.

The matches were broadcast live on various platforms, gaining extensive coverage. The final match, which pitted Real Madrid against Real Sociedad, was watched by over 10,000 people.

This media coverage has been crucial for the growth of the Tximist Cup and for the development of women’s football in general. The Tximist Cup serves as an example of how women’s football is gaining increasing popularity and greater social recognition. The tournament provides an opportunity for young female footballers to showcase their talent, and the audience can enjoy top-level competition in unparalleled facilities.

Fotografías de la Tximist Cup.

The Tximist Cup is not just a football tournament; it is also an event that contributes to visibility and equal opportunities. The tournament offers young female footballers the chance to compete at the highest level, along with a program of complementary activities that includes talks and workshops on football, nutrition, and sports psychology. These activities contribute to the comprehensive development of the players.

The Tximist Cup exemplifies the growth of women’s football in Spain and worldwide.

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In an emotionally charged event, the much anticipated Tximist Cup draw was held to determine the groups and teams that will compete in this prestigious football competition. With the participation of renowned clubs and legends of the sport, all the teams were eagerly awaiting to know the clashes that will mark the start of the tournament.

Tximist Cup International Tournament group draw!

The long-awaited Tximist Cup draw to determine the groups and the teams that will form them, is scheduled for May 1st at 18:00. This world-renowned sporting event promises exciting encounters between the best football teams on the planet.